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This is the default CybrHost website for the server, if you are seeing this page instead of the page you expected it means that the server is undergoing routine maintenance or there is no site configured at this address. If you believe you have reached this page in error please contact us at


Daily disk backups provide you with peace of mind even if disaster strikes. Our helpdesk staff can restore partial or complete recent backups upon request.

Unlimited Disk Storage

We provide unlimited storage space -- far more than most sites require. Many ecommerce applications can build databases that run into hundreds of megabytes of disk space. Don't be misled by hosting plans that limit your disk storage. You could end up paying two to three times your monthly fees when the 'extra' disk space is charged to you! And, after seven years of operation we have never run out of disk storage!

Full CGI Access

CGI (Common Gateway Interface) is used to add advanced features to web sites, things like response forms, counters and fully automated electronic storefront applications. With our servers, you do not operate at the whim of your web provider, some of whom do not allow CGI scripts, or restrict the CGI-BIN (where scripts are stored), or delay for days before installing your scripts. Our server is 'virtualized' so you have full control over your CGI-BIN directory. You can create CGI scripts from scratch or download them from the Internet or access some of the more popular CGI scripts.


phpMyAdmin can manage a whole MySQL-server (needs a super-user) but also a single database. To accomplish the latter you'll need a properly set up MySQL-user who can read/write only the desired database.

CybrHost Features and Advanced Development Tools

CybrHost provides state-of-the art programming tools in addition to Miva's Empresa and Virtual Machine (compiler.) As standard, our servers support Perl, PHP 4 or 5, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more! You can take advantage of these items, plus much more, if desired - Just contact our Live Support or HelpDesk for details!

Miva Merchant

This is the cornerstone and the software that makes your storefront possible. Miva Merchant is a dynamic browser based storefront development and management system that allows merchants to create and administrate multiple online stores from anywhere in the world.

Stand out from the crowd

Standout image CybrHost stands out from the crowd. Is there any reason why you shouldn't become a part of the winning Miva Host team? Join us today and avoid the pitfalls of slow servers, unreliable service, or bad technical support.

Clustering for Guaranteed Uptime

CommuniGate Pro's unique Dynamic Clustering functionality sets it apart from other solutions by allowing customers to support millions of accounts while guaranteeing 99.999% uptime. The Dynamic Cluster is a multiserver architecture providing load balancing and redundancy, while appearing as one seamless messaging system to end-users. CommuniGate Pro stays up and running.

Disclosure of Client Data

CybrHost will not otherwise disclose its clients' personal and account information unless CybrHost has reason to believe that disclosing such information is necessary to identify, make contact with, or bring legal action against someone who may be causing harm or interfering with the rights or property of CybrHost, CybrHost's clients, or others, or where CybrHost has a good faith belief that the law requires such disclosure. CybrHost also will not, except for reasons stated below, disclose to third parties the contents of any electronic mail or other electronic communications that CybrHost stores or transmits for its clients. The circumstances under which CybrHost will disclose such electronic client communications are when: 1. it is necessary in order to provide service to the client; 2. it is necessary to protect the legitimate interests of CybrHost and its clients; 3. it is required to cooperate with interception orders, warrants, or other legal process that CybrHost determines in its sole discretion to be valid and enforceable; and 4. it is necessary to provide to a law enforcement agency when the contents are inadvertently obtained by CybrHost and appear to pertain to the commission of a crime.

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